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Location: Near Kanum, Satluj Valley, Himachal Pradesh
Altitude: 2837m
Houses: Lo-tsa-bai-lha-khaing Temple
Local Deity: Dubala

In the Satluj valley, Pooh is situated beyond Kanum, which is a great Buddhist centre. On the Highway Pooh has a Durga-Pa Monastery.

Of the temple available in the place Lo-tsa-bai-lha-khaing temple is believed to be the oldest of all. Besides the Buddhist shrine, Pooh has a local deity as well, known as 'Dubala'.


This fine Buddhist monastery is accessible from Namgya - a little diversion from Khab, located on the Natiuonal Highway-22, at the confluence of the Sutlej and Spiti rivers.


The monastery is close to Kaa, the highest point in the Hangrang Valley. Kaa is 12-km short of Yangthang on the National Highway-22, which has facilities for visitors to stay.

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