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Location: 6-km from Keylong, Bhaga Valley, Himachal Pradesh
Houses: Statue of Padmasambhava, Mani Wheels & a Library
Founded By: Dogpa Lama, Serzang Richen of Kham region of Tibet
Built In: 17 A.D.

This gompa aabove the village of Satingri has 12-feet tall statue of Padmasambhava and his two manifestations are 'Sighmukha' and 'Vijravarashi'. The library houses 'Kangyur' and 'Thankas' depicting the life of Lord Buddha.

Tayul gompa written in Tebetan as Ta- Yul - means "chosen place". Dogpa Lama, Serzang Richen of Kham region of Tibet, founded this monastery in the beginning of the 17 A. D.

Thius monastery houses a hundred million Mani wheels. This Mani wheel is reputed to be " self turning" on auspicious occassions. According to the lamas this wheel last turned on its own in 1886.

After almost a century a Ladakhi 'Tulku Tashi Tenphel' of Tagna monastery renovated and extended the building of this gompa. He decorated the walls with murals, added images referred above and brought in the Narthang edition of the Kanyur from Tibet.

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