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Location: Near Nahan, Himachal Pradesh
Altitude: 6,72m
Houses: The Math, Renuka Lake
Main Attraction: Renuka fair in Nov, temple.

Surrounded by lush forest supporting a variety of animal and bird life, Renuka Lake is not only an idyllic holiday resort but also a revered pilgrim centre. Mythology has it that the Parshuram Tal, which appears shaped in the profile of a sleeping lady, was created to mark the immortality of Renuka, the wife of 'Rishi Jamdagni'.

It is believed that Rishi Jamdagni, displeased by his wife Renuka, instructed his son Parshuram to behead her. The son obeyed his father's wishes. Pleased at Parshuram's loyalty, the Rishi granted his son a wish, and Parshuram asked for the restoration of his mother to life.


Renuka Temple: Located at the base of the Renuka Lake is the Parashurama Tal, a massive pool embodying, it is believed, 'Parashurama', who desired to spend eternity at his mother's feet.

Mother and son are reunited every year at the great Renuka Fair, held on banks of the lake, in the month of November. The original temple of Renukaji, is said to have been built overnight by a contingent of Gurkhas in the early 19th century.

The Math: The main temple at Renuka, the Math was constructed by the invading Gurkhas in 1814. The temple houses an image of Renuka Devi, Parshuram's mother.

Mini Zoo: A small zoological park on the banks of the Renuka Lake has a representative collection of the local fauna. Some of the animals that can be spotted over here include Asiatic lions, spotted deer, lion tailed macaques, 'nilgai', 'mithun', barking deer and Himalayan black bears. Adjoining the zoo, an armoured van enters the large enclosure allowing for a close glimpse of the lions within.

Wildlife Sanctuary: The wildlife sanctuary in the thick forest around the lake is inhabited by a variety of deer and pheasants. The lake also supports a large number of water birds.   more...

Renuka Lake: Legend has it that when the evil Sahasarjuna killed the sage Jamadagini and tried to abduct his wife Renuka, she flung herself into these waters. The gods restored her to life and this lake is regarded by her embodiment. There is a row of temples along its banks, and a track encircles the waters. Facilities for boating on the Renuka Lake are available through the office of the Himachal Pradesh Tourism Development Corporation.   more...

Parashurama Tal and Renuka temple: At the base of Renuka temple, this large pool is considered to embrace Lord Parashurama, who wished to spend all eternity at his mother's feet. Reportedly built overnight by an invading force of Gurkhas in early 19th century, the original temple of Renukji is here. Both mother and son are reunited every year at a celebratory fair held in November.   more...

Jamu Peak: Directly above the lake is this peak where 'Rishi Jamdagini' is said to have meditated. A footpath leads to this. There is a small temple and it offers an excellent view of the lake and surrounding area.

Jataun: 5-kms from Renuka is the Giri Hydel Project dam and angling for Mahseer fish may be done.


Air: The nearest airheads are Dehra Dun and Chandigarh , which are accessible from Nahan and Renuka by road. Dehra Dun and Chandigarh are served from Delhi by Indian Airlines. Within the state, the capital Shimla, is connected by air, from which the region is accessible by road.
Rail: For Nahan, the nearest railhead is Ambala, 100-km away, Dehra Dun also serves as a railhead, 65-km from Paonta Sahib. Regular train services from Delhi connect both rail terminals.
Road: Delhi is the entry point for the region. For reaching Renuka, there are two routes from both approximately 350-km. The first route from Delhi is via Shahabad, Naraingarh, Kala Amb, and Nahan to Renuka. The second route begins in Delhi and goes via Pipli, Yamunagar to Renuka. The Distance between Nahan and Paonta is 45-km; between Nahan and Renuka is 35-Km; and between Paonta and Renuka is 58-km. Saketi is 22-km from Nahan.


Hotel Renuka, Renuka, District Sirmour
The HP Tourism Development Corporation makes boating facility available for tourists.


In winter, the climate is pleasant and medium woollens are suggested. Summer temperatures are high and cottons are recommended.


The reunion of mother and son is celebrated at the annual Renuka Fair in November where people come to seek the goddess' blessings for a happy and prosperous family life. Caps and turbans are exchanged as symbols of brotherhood. Processions of twelve local gods visit the Devi's temple during the fair. A number of food kiosks and entertainment pavilions are also set up for visiting pilgrims.

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