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Location: 17-kms From Nahan, Sirmour District
Presiding Deity: Goddess Katsana
Built By: Raja Dip Prakash
Built In: 1573

Bala Sundri TempleRaja Dip Prakash built the temple in 1573. It is situated at a distance of 17-kms from Nahan and 6-kms from Kala-Amb, the gateway to Nahan from Haryana. Trilokpur is a place of great religious importance. The temple of the goddess Mahamaya Bala Sundri is very famous and attracts lakhs of pilgrims from all over Northern India, especially from Haryana and Himachal .

A fair is held twice an year during the Navratras in April and October when a large number of devotees visit this temple and pay their respects to the goddess. This place is approachable by bus and taxi.

It is 41 km from Dharamsala and can be approached by road. The natural cave temple of Trilokpur contains a stalactite and stalagamite (Calcium Carbonate in the form of a large icicle hanging from the roof of the cave) dedicated to Shiva. High on the ridge of the cave are the ruins of a palace and baradari (audience hall) of Lehna Singh Majitha, Governor of Kangra Hills during the Sikh rule. A small cafe is run by HPTDC for the convenience of the visitors.

According to a local belief, there was a fierce battle between the local Rajput and the enemies of Ghulam Quadir Rahilla, a Mughal General. Just at a stage when the Rajput army was facing an imminent defeat a woman appeared on the scene and turned the humiliating defeat of the Rajputs into a glorious victory. The temple was therefore built to commemorate the victory of Rajputs over their enemies.

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