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Location: Sarahan, Himachal Pradesh
Presiding Deity: Goddess Bhimkali
Unique Feature: Two Temples Of Chinese Architecture Dedicated To The Goddess
Main Attractions: Navaratras & Dusshera Fair

The Ardhnari temple at Mandi is comparatively a modern temple. The right half of the stone image in the temple represents Lord Shiva and the left half his consort Parvati.

Shiva has his typical knotted hair and wearing a garland of skulls, an entwined serpent, a musical instrument in one hand and a Damru or drum in the other. The divine consort Parvati is shown wearing a diadem, a pair of earrings and a ring on the nose. The icon is well executed from all standards.

There is a slab joined to the image on which the vehicles or Vahan of the deities- the bull and the lion, are artistically carved. The images of 'Bhairon' and Lord Hanuman are also there.

The temple consists of a cella, porch and a mandap. The carvings of the temple are of a high order. Ardhnari icons are rather rare in Northern India and the presence of this icon here is rather strange.

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