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Location: Kangra District, Himachal Pradesh
Presiding Deity: Lord Vishnu

On the spread of 'Vaishnavism' in Himalayas Vogel says, " Though 'Saivism' prevails everywhere and all the principal temples and 'tirthas' are dedicated to 'Mahadeva' or 'Devi', under various names, there seems to be a great deal of Vishnu or Krishna worship in Rajas. At least I found this with regard to Kangra and Nurpur, which may be considered to have been the most important ones. It is curious that a Krishna image in the fort at Nurpur is said to have been brought from Udaipur in Rajasthan ."

It is during a visit to Chittor that Jagat Singh is said to have seen and developed special fascination for the image enshrined in the temple. He asked it from Rana, who, however insisted on giving it as a gift in charity, to a Brahmana, Jagat Singh being a Rajput would not receive a charity.

But such was his keeness that he took the help of the Brahmana when the hand had to be extended for receiving the water poured in token of the gift being made, he made the Brahmana stretch his hand out in place of his own, thus preserving his Rajput pride and at the same time gaining the image.

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