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Location: Chamba, Himachal Pradesh
Presiding Deity: Goddess Champavati
Built By: Raja Sahil Varman

Close to the royal palace at Chamba, there is a stone sikhara temple dedicated to Goddess Champavati. Tradition holds that the town of Chamba was named after her.

According to legend handed town by tradition connected with the founding of the temple of Champavati is that it was initially erected by Sahil Varman in Chamba. His daughter bearing the same name was of religious disposition and used to visit the place of a saint for religious discourse. Her father, getting suspicious, followed his daughter one day to the hermitage of the stage with the drawn sword in his hand, only to find that the place was deserted. As he entered the place was human voice was heard upbraiding him for his suspicions and saying that his daughter had been taken as punishment. He was further commanded to construct a temple in her memory in her memory on the spot where she disappeared, to atone for his sin and to avert calamity to his family.

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