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Location: Shimla, Himachal Pradesh
Presiding Deity: Lord Shiva

The Kotesvara (also spelt as Kotesvar) temple is a magnificient structure dedicated to Shiva who is represented there in the form of 'Shivalinga'.

According to a legend about the temple, both 'Uma' and 'Maheswara' used in the ancient times to reside at a place on the bank of the river Pabar. Consequent to row between Uma and Maheswara both the divinities assumed voilent forms. This brought considerable suffering to the local people.

A Brahmana boy however captured Shiva and his 'yogins', lodged them in a pot sealed its mouth, and approached the river throws the pot in it. On the way, the boy had an accidental fall, and his earthen post was broken and the yogins were freed. The yogins jumped over the hills to 'Tikkar' and 'Kheksu'. The people of the place welcomed them and built two temples for them, which were subsequently known as "Kacheri Mata" and "Kshuimba Mata".

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