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Location: Chamba, Himachal Pradesh
Presiding Deity: Lord Vishnu & Lord Shiva
Unique Feature: A Group Of Six Temples Arranged In A Row From North To South

To the north of the palace at Chamba, there is a group of six stone Sikhara temples arranged in a row from north to south. Three of these temples are dedicated to Vishnu and three to Shiva. The northern most is that of the Lakshmi- Narayana- the principal temple of Chamba. Lakshmi Narayan Temple, Chamba, Himachal Pradesh, Chamba , Himachal Pradesh

There is a curious legend current about the installation of image of Lakshmi Narayana in this temple. Desiring to raise a temple to Vishnu, the Raja Sahi Varman sent nine of this son to the marble in frog. Since it was considered unsuitable for making the Vishnu image, the slab was used for some other purpose like the making of three faced image of Shiva and a small image of Ganesha, now preserved in the Chandra Gupta temple.

The young princes were deputed again for the purpose. But were slain by robbers on their way back. Thereafter on receiving the news. Raja Sahi Varman sent his eldest son 'Yugkara' for the purpose. He too was attacked by the robbers, but with the help of a saint, he destroyed the robbers, and return to Chamba with the desired slab from which the image of Vishnu was made and installed in the temple.

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