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» North India
» Himachal Pradesh
Altitude: 3,600m
Duration: May-June and September-October
Time Period: 9 Days

Few trekkers make it to the spectacular, all but inaccessible Pangi Valley, sandwiched between the soaring Greater Himalayan Range in the North and the Outer Himalayan range of the south. Several peaks have never been climbed, and onward paths lead to Kashmir, Lahaul and Zanskar. Trekkers already acclimatized can complete this moderately difficult trek in 9 or 10 days.


Day-1 Manali- Udaipur- Raoli, an 8-hour drive by taxi.
Day-2 Raoli- Sach, 2,150m, is a 6-hour trek and on the way good temples to see.
Day-3 Sach- Kilar, one can go to Mindyhat temple in the morning before starting for Killar.
Day-4 Kilar- Bindrabani, 2,800m, steep down to Chenab river and then 5-hour steep ascents to Bindrabani.
Day-5 Bindrabani- Bagotu, 3,600m, 2.5-hour climb to Duna Sarai, 2,500m and then 3-hour further to Bagotu.
Day-6 Bagotu- Satrundi, 3,400m, 4-hour steep ascent to the Sach Pass and then 2-hour descent to the camp.
Day-7 Satrundi- Traila 2,000m, 4-hour down going to Alwas and 3-hour to Traila
Day-8 Traila- Chamba, 9,96m by taxi, 5-hour drive.
Day-9 Chamba Pathankot via Dalhousie by taxi, 6-hour drive.

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