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Duration: 8 Days

This trek follows the green landscaped trails of Khajjiar, which is a lovely picnic spot site of Himachal Pradesh. From here a 30-km long footpath, passing through thick deodar forests leads to Chamba.


Day1 Dalhousie to Khajjiar, 1,951m Distance 20-km. Either via Kalatop or direct through thick forest and the wild life sanctuary.
Day-2 Khajjiar to Chamba, 9,96m, Distance 18-km. Descend and have good view of distant mountains and Ravi valley down below.
Day-3 Chamba to Channota, 2,201m, Distance 18-km. From Ulansa the route turns to right, passes through Gurola and climbs to Sual along Chanaota Nallah. From here one route goes to Kuarsi, Distance 19-km and one to Dharamsala.
Day-4 Chanaota to Holi, 1960m, Distance 19-km. The trek goes down to Lamu and ascends along left bank of Ravi to Sutkar and then to Holi.
Day-5 Holi to Nayagram, 2,285m, Distance 19-km. Walk along the left bank of Ravi passing Deol and Garoh villages. From here one fan go to Baijnath via Sural Pass.
Day-6 Nayagram to Dharari, 2,440m, Distance l6-km. Cross the river to the other side and walk through Bajoli and Sind villages.
Day-7 Dharari to Ratnapani, 2,500m, Distance 16-km. Along the river for some distance and then cross to the left bank.
Day-8 Ratnapani to Bara Bhangal, 2,540m, Distance 16-km. At certain places the route is difficult. From Bara Bhangal one can go either to Manali or to Dharamsala.

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