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» North India
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Altitude: 4588m.
Time Period: 10 Days

Most of the routes in this trail are used by Gaddi Shepards, who cross from north to south in the winter, cradling bundles of lambs and kids in their jackets, and return to the northern pastures in summer.


Day-1 Dalhousie to Khajjiar, 1,951m, Distance 20-km. Walk up to Kalatop and then through the beautiful forests to Khajjiar. Enjoy the beauty surroundings of the lake, temple and the green meadows.
Day-2 Khajjiar to Chamba, 9,96m, Distance 18-km. While going down enjoy the wonderful view of the distant mountain ranges and Chamba valley down below.
Day3 Chamba to Chhatrari, 1,900m, Distance 4-hour journey by bus.
Day-4 Chhatrari to Chalau, 2,800m, Distance 15-km. Walk through the green fields, villages and mixed forests, along the stream.
Day-5 Chalau to Chanderkup Tal, 3,450m, Distance 10-km. A mixed terrain but later becomes steep and even rough patches have to be negotiated.
Day-6 Chanderkup Tal to Alyas, 2,800m, Distance 12-km. Steep and rough route to the Pass, which remains covered with snow for most of the time. The snow and steep slopes on both sides of the Pass make it possible for the locals and Gaddis to slide down. Sliding down over any slope is called Ghasutri in local dialect and so is the name of the Pass.
Day-7 Alyas to Rawa village, 2,100m, Distance 14-km. It is all going down but a rough route.
Day-8 Rawa village to Dharamsala, 1,250m, Distance12-km. It is well-marked route and going down to Dharamsala. One can go via Macleodganj to visit this part of the town.
Day-9 From Dharamsala proceed towards by bus to Delhi , Shimla or any other place.

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