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» North India
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Altitude: 4,390m
Duration: 12 Days

This trek is also among some of the many treks that pass through the dense Deodar forests of Khajjiar. The trail also presents a chance to explore the various wild horizons and hilly beauty in and around Dalhousie and the ideal time to trek is during summer. The gradual climb to Sach Pass (4,890m), which remains open from June to October is toughie! So be prepared for some steep climbs.


Day-1 Dalhousie to Khajjiar, 1,951m, Distance 20-km, walking through the forests.
Day-2 Khajjiar to Chamba, 9,96m, Distance 8-km. Steep going down with a beautiful view.
Day3 Chamba to Tarella, 2,000m, Distance 8-hour via Tisa by bus, passing through green fields, villages and Chamera Hydle Project.
Day-4 Tarella to Satrundi, 3,400m, Distance 16-km and a steady climb.
Day-5 Satrundi to Bindrabani, 2,800m, Distance 18-km. Gradual climb to Sach Pass and then decend to Bindrabani.
Day–6 Bindrabani to Killar, 2,600m, Distance 16-km. Going down hill via Bagotu.
Day-7 Halt to visit nearby villages and enjoy the views while resting and relaxing.
Day-8 Killar to Ishtahari, 2,226m, Distance 27-km. Descend and level walking via Dharwas.
Day – 9 Ishtahari to Atholi, 2,225m, Distance 22-km. Level walk via Shol.
Day –10 Atholi to Shasho, 2,287m Distance 14-km and level walk.
Day-11 Shasho to Galhar, 2,288m, Distance 22-km. Level walk along Chenab River.
Day –12 Galhar to Kishtwar, 1,525m, Distance 4-hour journey by bus. See Kishtwar town in the afternoon and then proceed to Jammu.

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