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» North India
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Altitude: 4,966m
Duration: 8-10 Days

The descend that one takes from Dalhousie to Chamba valley is full of panoramic natural horizons and while exploring the nature one also gets the opportunity to visit the temples and shrines of this religious town. But caution should be taken in the trail from Chobia to Alyas, which is a difficult one and the hike is steep till one reaches the base of the pass.


Day 1 Dalhousie to Khajjiar, 1,951m, Distance 20-km. Walk via Kalatop or direct through thick forests and the wild life sanctuary.
Day-2 Khajjiar to Chamba, 9,96m, Distance 18-km. Descend and have a good view of distant mountains and Chamba town down below.
Day-3 Chamba to Bharmour, the base camp situated at 2,195m. Distance 64-km is covered by bus. Visit the old palace and temples. Guides and supplies can also be arranged here.
Day-4 Bharmour to Chobia, 2,745m Distance 15-km via Hadsar. The route first goes down to Budhil river and then ascends. Chobia is the last village on this route.
Day-5 Chobia to Alyas, 3,355m, Distance 12-km. Difficult and steep climb to the base of the Pass.
Day-6 Alyas to Alyas, 3,250, District 15-km. Pass is situated between Barakanda, 5877 m and Tend Peak, 6,133m. Final pitch is very steep. Descent over stone and crevasses top on the other side.
Day-7 Alyas to Trilokinath, 2,915m, Distance 20-km. Stay for the night or go down to Udaipur to catch the early morning bus.
Days 8 Trilokinath to Manali , 2,050m, Distance 9-hour journey by bus via Udaipur.

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