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Location: Himachal Pradesh
Altitude: 5,040 m
Duration: 11-12 DaysPlaces Of Interest:
Jawalamukhi, Kangra Fort, Brajeshwari Temple
Best Time To Visit: Mid-May to Mid-October.

Another demanding route is the one that crosses Kugti Pass, at an awesome altitude of 5,040m. From Hadsar, an hour by bus from Bharmour, the path follows the River Budhil for 12-km to Kugti, known for fine Yak milk and curds.


Day–1 Dalhousie to Khajjiar, 1,951m Distance 20-km. Either via Kalatop or direct through thick forests and the wild life sanctuary.
Day-2 Khajjiar to Chamba, 9,96m, Distance 18-km. Descend and enjoy a good view of distant mountains and Ravi valley down below.
Day-3 Chamba to Bharmour, the Base Camps situated at 2,195m. Distance 64-km by bus via Rakh, Durghati and other villages. Visit old temples and other buildings of old capital of Chamba.
Day-4 Bharmour to Hadsar, 2,317m, Distance 13-km. The route is along different terra up and down through forests.
Day-5 Hadsar to Kugti, 2,640m, Distance 14-km. The route is along the Budhil stream with many ups and downs through green forests.
Day-6 Kugti to Duggi Caves, 3,354m, Distance 13-km. Amidst the green valley and panoramic view, Kartic temple at Keling is worth a visit. Kailash peak is also visible from here. Cave is sufficient for 15 persons.
Day-7 Duggi to Alyas, 3,660m, Distance 12-km is a tough route. At Kudi there is a big grassy plateau and a stone hut.
Day-8 Alyas to Khardu, 3,550m, Distance 15-km. A steep ascent to Pass and then steep descent after the Pass.
Day-9 Khardu to Shansha, 2,950m, Distance 14-km. A rough trek over stones and loose boulders. From here either go to Keylong or return to Udaipur via Triloknath.
Day-10 Shansha to Keylong, 2,050m, Distance 7-hours jouney by bus. Visit Kardang Monastery and meet the tribal people.
Day–11 Keylong to Manali , 2,050m, Distance 7-hours journey by bus.

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