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Altitude: 4,694m
Duration: 10 Days

For witnessing a lavish display of natural scenery, have a hiking expedition towards Manali that is the principal show place of Kullu valley. Another place that coveres in the trek is Udeypur (also spelt as Udaipur), situated at an elevation of 2,743m above sea level. This place is also located at the junction of the mighty Mayar Nallah with the main river Chandrabhaga.


Day-1 Dalhousie to Khajjiar, 1,951m, Distance 20-km. Either via Kalatop or direct through thick forest and the wild life sanctuary.
Day-2 Khajjiar to Chamba, 9,96m, Distance 18-km. Descend and have a good view of distant mountains.
Day 3 Chamba to Sillagharat, 1,830m, Distance 20-km. After crossing Saho NaIlah the route rises and turns to left along Hul Nallah.
Day-4 Sillagharat to Bhangor, 2,450m, Distance 17-km. Crossing and re-crossing Hul Nallah the route climbs to Banatu bridge and then through forest to Bhangor.
Day-5 Bhangor to Chanju, 2,135m, Distance 15-km. After leaving Bagal on the left, follow the Chanju nalla after Lunek.
Day-6 Chanju to Alyas, 4,300m, Distance12-km. Through Kalpra village to the base of the Pass.
Day-7 Alyas to Tindi, 2,650m, Distance 20-km. Steep climb to the pass and then descent over moraine and grassy slopes.
Day-8 Tindi to Udaipur, 2,743m, Distance 3-hour journey by bus. Visit the Trilokinath temple in the evening and join the prayers.
Day-9 Udaipur to Manali , 2,050m, Distance 9-hour journey by bus via Rohtang Pass.

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