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Altitude: 4,800m.
Duration: 18 Days
Time Period: Mid-July to September

Trekking routes lead north from Brahmour (2,130m) across passes covered with snow for most of the ayer. The challenging trek over Kalicho Pass (4,800m), aptly names as 'the abode of Kali' (the Goddess of death), starts with a gradual ascent of 24-km to Badagram (2,325m).


Day 1 Arrive Delhi
Day 2 DelhiManali ,2,000m- 570-km, 16- hours.
Day 3 Manali
Day 4 Manali to Marsu via Seten,2,500m- 5-hours.
Day 5 Sethan to Balu Gyra,3,300m- 5-hours.
Day 6 B/Gyra to Shea Gharu,3,700m, over H/Pass, 4,200m- 6-hours.
Day 7 Shea Gharu to Chhatru,3,360m.
Day 8 Chatru to Chhota Dara,3,440m- 5-hours.
Day 9 Chhota Dara to Batal 3,640m- 5-hours.
Day 10 Batal to Chandra Tal,4,200m- 6-hours.
Day 11 Chandra Tal
Day 12 Chandra Tal to Topko Yongma, 4,370m- 6-hours.
Day 13 Topko Yongmo to Topko Gongmo,4,450m- 4-hours.
Day 14 Topko Gongmo - Baralachala Base Camp,4,550m.
Day 15 Base camp to Baralachala,4,800m- 4-hours.
Day 16 Base camp Baralachala to Manali ,135-kms.
Day 17 Manali - Delhi
Day 18 Delhi - Onward Destination.

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