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» North India
» Himachal Pradesh
Altitude: 3,693m.
Duration: 10 Days
Time Period: June to October

Most of trail from Dharamsala pass through forests of Deodar, Pine, Oak and Rhododendron, cross streams and rivers, and wind along vertiginous cliff tracks, passing the occasional lake, waterfalls and glaciers. Because the varied altitudes the snowline in this region is perhaps more easily accessible than at any other hill resort and it is quite possible to trek upto it after early morning's start.


Day-1 Arrival at Dharamsala and acclimatization walk
Day-2 Sight seeing to His Holiness Monastery, St. Joha’s Church in wilderness, Dal Lake, Bhagsu Shiva temple and water fall.
Day-3 Drive to Bir by jeep, about 64-kms. From Dharamsala, sight seeing in Bir.
Day-4 Bir- Billing and Rajgaunda- 14-kms. By road, Bir to Billing is along the road, the trek goes to the North of Billing along a spur above the Uhi river with an easy 2-hour trail to Rajgaunda.
Day-5 Billing- palachak, 2,770m- 12-kms, Billing to Thamsar Jot and further to Barabhangal is a mule track, the Pass is comparatively higher than other passes of Dhauladhar but it is most frequented and well marked and generally used by the people of Baijnath and Barabhangal for want of any transport facility.
Day-6 Palachak- Panihardu, 3,693m –9-kms, it takes about 3-hours to reach Panihardu over some Meadows and snowfields during May and June. There is steep climb at places, tent pitching is advised at this place. During summer season the local people put up tea stalls.
Day-7 Panihardu- Udeg/ Marhu, 3,690 mts- 17-kms, this is a long haul, one must take an early start to avoid mid day winds and bad weather. The trek is arduous being steep. There is a small glacial lake a little below the Pass, after about 4 hours strenuous climb one reaches Marhu, which has a flat land for camping.
Day-8 Marhu- Barabhangal, 2,550m –18-kms, this is again a long trek, which descended steeply over rock cliffs. Many steep ridges have sto be negotiated before reaching Khaner village, it takes about 3 hours to reach Dhardi village. There is one short tricky rock face about 200-ft. above the river, the rest of the trek is normal.
Day-9 Dhardi- Nayagraon, 2,245m- 14-kms, a descent along the river at an easy pace and after 3-hours arrival at a Dhaba or a small resturant. The trek leads down towards a steel cable bridge on the south bank one Kilometer above Nayagraon where there is a rest house, Dhardi is being connected by a jeepable road from Nayagraon to facilitate the people of Dhardi and Khaner to reach Barabhangal comfortably.
Day-10 Nayagraon- Deol, 2,020 mts- 8-kms, an easy trekking trail, rather jeepable path, to reach deol, The Bus Head/ Deol is emerging as a big village with few shops and eating-places. From Deol one gets bus to reach Kharamukh, Bharmaur or Chamba.

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