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» North India
» Himachal Pradesh
Altitude: 5,242m
Duration: 7 Days
Time Period: May- September

Mount Kinner Kailash has religious significance for a huge Shiva Lingam the representation of Lord Shiva. The circuit around the whole range attracts many pilgrims every year. The Parikrama begins from Kalpa via Triung and back to Kalpa via Sangla valley. One has to drive up to Thangi and the actual trekking begins from here.


Day-1 Kalpa- Thangi, 2,966m-50-km, by bus, school building can be used for night, and tentage accommodation.
Day-2 Thangi- Lambar, 2,89m-12-km, trek slightly going down.
Day-3 Lambar- Charang, 3,506m- 12-km, the trek is through different terrain.
Day-4 Charang- Chitkul, 3,450m- 14-km. Over Charang Ghati, 5,242m, gradual climbing to the Pass and then easy descending.
Day-5 Chitkul- Rakchham (2900 m-12 km) Jeepable road in operation during season, otherwise trek down to Rakchham.
Day-6 Rakchham-Sangla (2590 m-14 km) Along the Baspa river in the Sangla Valley. Rest house available.
Day-7 Sangla- Karchham (1982 m- 17 km) Through the Sangla valley with good view of mountain ranges.

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