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» North India
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Altitude: 5,490m.
Duration: 12-15 Days

The wild and picturesque Pangi valleys subdivision headquarters are situated at Killar, which is located in the deep and narrow gorge of the river Chandrabhaga. The foaming river, the high crags of the gorge and the difficult terrain are a challenge for intrepid trekkers.


Day-1 Killar to Ishthari, 2,226m, Distance 7-hours. The route is easy and one has to pass through Dharwas.
Day2 Ishthari to Atholi, 2,225m, Distance 6-hour via Shol. Moderate walking.
Day-3 Atholi to Shashut, 2,750m, Distance 7-hours. Cross the bridge and the trek ascends along Padar river to Gularbagh, where horses are available. The river has to be crossed twice.
Day-4 Shashut to Dangel, 3,245m, Distance 5-6 hours. On way pass through a Buddhist village – Machel and its inhabitants have their relations in Zanskar valley. Porters can be hired here. There are sapphire mines behind this village. Trek one hour more.
Day-5 Dangel to Tilput Got, 3,585m, Distance 5-6 hours. From Dangel one has to follow the Dharlang Nallah to Tilput Got at the crossing of this trek with another trek coming from Shol over the Kaban-La, 4,905m.
Day-6 Tilput Got to Chomo Chhumkhor, 4,100m, Distance 6-hours. The route is ascending along the Nallah till the confluence of another stream. Local people with their animals may be seen around.
Day-7 Chomo Chhumkhor to Camp I, 4,475m, Distance 5-6 hours. Trek along this Nallah to the crossing of another route coming from Sersank Pass.
Day-8 Camp I to Camp II, 4,815m, Distance 6-7 hours. Now the route is ascending over the boulders, stones and moraine. The shepherds have marked the route well.
Day-9 Camp II to Camp III, 5,150m, Distance 4-5 hours. The route is steep and one has to walk at height. So it is better to camp near the Pass. This will help in acclimatization too.
Day-10 Camp III to Camp I, 4,850m, Distance 6-7 hours. Climb to the Pass for a beautiful sight on all sides. Walk down to the Sumdo where the trek from Kangla lot meets.
Day-11 Camp I to Camp II, 3, 675m, Distance 6-hours. Going down along the stream till another confluence of two streams.
Day-12 Camp II to Padam, 3,560m, Distance 7-hours via Pibcha across the river where another route from Manali joins. From Padam proceed either to Leh or return to Manali .

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