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» North India
» Himachal Pradesh
Altitude: 4268m.
Duration: June to September
Time Period: 8 Days

This treks natural trail follows from Manali to Chikka, situated at 3,000m and for camping one has to go over to right bank of Hamta Nallah. This site is having plenty of choices of natural hubs and a nice experience for those who are not just looking for a hike experience. Say hello to nature!


Day-1 Arrival Manali , 2,050m and acclimatization walk.
Day-2 Manali Pandu Ropa- 10-kms, Pandu Ropa is situated at 2,800m. The camp is located on the left bank of Hamta Nullah. From here three trek leading to different valleys, which are abundant in herbal plants. Here one can find beautiful caves and tents can also be pitched.
Day-3 Pandu Ropa- Chikka and back to Pandu Ropa – 6 kms, Chhika is situated at 3000 mtrs. Here and further above the tree line plenty of bushes and herbs e.g. gentian, Kurro, Swertia Chirata, Mantha- Sylvstris, Cannabis Sativa & Morchella are available.
Day-4 Pandu Ropa – Balugera (base of Hamta)- 10 kms, Balugera is situated at 3,800m approximately 3-km below Hamta Pass.
Day- 5 & 6 In search of herbal plants e.g. Aconitum heterophuyllum, Gentian Kurroo, Discorea, Pdophyllum haxandrum, Valeriana Wallichii, Mantha- Sylvstris and many other medicinal plants. This herbal trek is gaining height upto Hamta Pass. At Pass, a panoramic view of peaks in Central Lahaul and close view of northern face of Deo Tibba, 6,001m and Indrasan, 6,221m is available.
Day-7 Return Journey- Hamta to Pandu Ropa.
Day-8 Pandu Ropa- Manali .

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