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Altitude: 4,171m
Duration: 9-Days

Scared to Lord Shiva and his divine consort Parvati, the lake of Mani Mahesh is 35-km from Bharmaur. Past Gaddi villages and wide meadows that give way to bare rock and snowfields, this tarn is a 9-day trek from Bharmaur - via Hadsar and Dhanchha.


Day 1 Chamba, the Base camp is situated at 9,96m. People from various parts assemble here to join the Chhari Yatra.
Day 2 Chamba to Julakari Mohalla, 1,050m, Distance 8-km. The procession with Chhari and other gods starts from the Lakshmi Narayan temple.
Day 3 Julakari Mohalla to Rakh, 1,190m, Distance 14-km. On the way, more and more people from the villages, join the procession.
Day 4 Rakh to Durghathi, 1,372m, Distance 22-km. More and more devotees join the procession.
Day 5 Durghathi to Bharmour, 2195m, Distance 23-km. Some ceremonies are held in the temples. More devotees join procession for further journey.
Day 6 Bharmour to Hadsar, 2,317m, Distance 13-km. Since, the procession grows big, it takes more time to the next halt.
Day 7 Hadsar to Dhancho, 2,440m, Distance 12-km. For night halt, there is no suitable camping place after this point.
Day 8 Dhancho to Mani Mahesh, 4,170m, Distance 10-km. Steep going. Devotees with advanced age take more time for the final stage due to steepness of route and height. Mani Mahesh is an ancient and most beautiful temple.
Day 9 Mani Mahesh to Chamba, 9,66m, Distance 102-km. Return by bus from Hadsar. After the holy dip in the sacred lake, the procession starts back. This sacred lake is situated at the base of Chamba Kailash, 5,656m.

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