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» North India
» Himachal Pradesh
Altitude: 4,350m
Duration: 8 Days
Time Period: June to October

There are dozens of treks that can be covered over the Dhaula Dhar ranges, but the most famous is this one out of Mcleod Ganj and also the easiest one. The treks over the Dhaula Dhar can easily be combined with a trek out Brahmour over the Kugti Pass.


Day-1 Arrival at Dharamsala/ Mcleod Ganj, acclimatization walk.
Day-2 Sight seeing of prominent places, town, monasteries and know about the area.
Day-3 Mcleod Ganj- Triund, 2,975m- 9-kms, it takes 3-hours to reach Triund, which is known for scenic grandeur presenting closest views of Dhauladhar. Below the valley one can enjoy the sunset and plains of Punjab and Shivalik ridges. The place is unique for stargazers, green meadows give a cozy feeling to a tired trekker. There is a forest bungalow constructed during the British regime.
Day-4 Triund- Lahesh Cave, 3,350m- 7-kms, the journey takes 3-hours, the Lahesh Cave is located at the base of Indrahara Pass and it is a big rock overhang to provide shelter for 8-9 trekkers. One can also camp below the cave in flat open area. The trek crosses all along Illaqa Gote.
Day-5 Lahesh Cave- Chatta Parao, over Indrahara Pass- 4,350m, 3-4 hours steep and taxing climb, this is the most frequented pass.

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