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Feb by glacial ice and pure snow melt the river Pabbar rises in the Chanshal range-just south of Kinnaur. It finally drains into the Tons at Tiuni. Like countless branches reaching out of valleys and down mountainsides. Several side streams like the Andhra, Pejore and Shikri, pour there wash into the Pabbar.

Here, for the sake of identification it is called this the "Pabbar Valley Trail", but includes several other places which are en route to the valley- or lie a little away from it.

Pabbar Valley, place where man and nature live as one, Himachal  PradeshA century and a half ago, practically all the beauty and wonder of present-day Himachal Pradesh lay is secluded isolation. Apart from its inhabitants, few knew of them and fewer still had seen them.

And that was about the time when the first alignment of the ambitious Hindustan-Tibet Road was taken to link Shimla with the Tibetan border. In the decades hat followed, it was largely along this route that people came to experience some of Himachal's fable vistas.

For travellers in the old days, when traffic moved on foot or on horse back, the tiny village of 'Theog', and heads towards the Pabbar Valley and beyond has the lure of that pristine world. Here, like a long unseen flower on the mountainside, this tract has bloomed with a beauty and glory of its own.

This is a tract that attracted even the British Viceroys of India, who explored, hunted and camped here. Pabbar valley comprise of roads less travelled, trekking and fishing that set one's pulse racing, ancient temples and legends and charming architecture, serenity of picturesque hamlets, fruit-laden orchards cradled by thick woods and set by swift streams. Wish to experience a place where man and nature live as one, then come to the Pabbar Valley.

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