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Location: 137-km from Chamba, Himachal Pradesh
Main Center Of: 2,438m

Pangi Valley in the upper part of Chamba District is a remote world in itself. This hidden valley located between Pir Panjal and the Greater Himalayan Zanskar ranges is cut off from the rest of the world. Killar the headquarters of this area has a helipad. During winter and spring this valley is completely cut off. River Chanderbhaga aka Chenab gorges through it.

Pangi Valley, a remote world in itself, Himachal PradeshFrom Kilar, trekkers can go west to Badarwah, Jammu & Kashmir and east to Lahul Spiti, and Manali via the Rohtang Pass. The major tribe inhabiting this area is Pangwal. These rugged people, who are Hindus, have their unique customs, traditions, and institutions. It looks as if time has come to a standstill in this peaceful place.

In the northern part of the valley in the Zanskar hills live the Bhot tribals. They are a mixture of Aryan and Mongolian races. Their religion is Buddhism mixed with a primitive form of the Hindu religion and myths.

The foaming river, the high crags of the gorge and the difficult terrain are a challenge for intrepid trekkers. The Sach Pass 4,428m opens the way to several trek routes. Thick forest the habitat of varied wildlife surround the Pang i Valley and the numerous side valleys - Saichu, Hunam, Sural Nallah, that are also endowed with remarkable natural beauty.

The temple of Mindhal Basan Devi in Pangi is an important shrine. Appropriately, the people of Pangi are as attractive as the tract they inhabit. There is a rest house also available in Pangi.

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