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Location: 137-km from Chamba, Himachal Pradesh
Altitude: 2,438m

Hemmed in by giant pinnacled mountain peaks, the Parbati valley, which twists west from the glaciers and snoowfields on the Spiti bosder to meet the Beas at Bhuntar, 8-km of south of Kullu , is the Kullu valley's longest tributary. Picturesque hamlets perch precariously on its sides, amid lush terraces and old growth pine forests

Parbati Valley, Himachal PradeshJari is halfway along the Parbati Valley-about 19-km from Bhuntar. It has recently been developed to cater for the hippie crowd who have spilled over from Manikaran, or who prefer Jari's peace and cheap rooms.

Kasol is another tiny village along the Parbati Valley road, which has become a hangout. It's very pretty, in a lovely setting among pines and streams with some trout. The village is acually divided into 'Old Kasol', on the Bhuntar side of the bridge, and 'New Kasol', on the Manikaran side.

Parbati ValleyFrom Manikaran, a well-defined trail leads to the village of Pulga. The next stage continues on up the Parbati Valley to the hot springs at Khirganga, where Shiva sat and meditated for 2,000 years. Here there are a number of teahouses to spend the night before returning directly to Manikaran in one long stage. Porters and guides can be hired in Manikaran.

On the other side of the river from Jari is the interesting Malana Valley. Malana can be reached in a full day trek from Jari. There are about 500 people in Malana and they speak a peculiar dialect with strong Tibetan elements. It's an isolated village with its own system of government and caste structure so rigid that it's forbidden for visitors to touch either the people or any of their possessions. It's very important to respect his custom; wait at the edge of the village for an invitation to enter.

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