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Location: Near Nahan, Sirmour District
Speciality: Asiatic Lions
Best Season: All Round the year

Birds in Renuka Sanctuary, Himachal Pradesh, Nahan, Himachal PradeshRenuka sanctuary is situated at Renuka, which is an excursion from Nahan. Renuka Lake and the temples attract a large number of people from hills and plains. Forests and the catchment of the lake add to its beauty and attraction.

The Renuka Sanctuary also adds much to the ambience of the place. It is home to a large number of animals including Asiatic lions, spotted deer, lion tailed macaques, peacocks, nilgai or large grey Indian antelope, barking deer and Himalayan black bears.

Around the place flutter thousands of gorgeous butterflies. There's a small aviary here, which houses a variety of waterbirds, red jungle fowl, black pheasant and peacock.

Adjoining the zoo is a big lion safari and the Department of Forest provides an armoured van which enters the large enclosures allowing a closer glimpse of at least two dozen well-bred lions. A tourist bungalow and cafeteria cater to visitors.


About every hour or so a bus from Nahan goes to Dadahu, from where you can walk for about 40 minutes to the lake. Some buses continue to the lake though.


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