Arts and Crafts Of Jammu & Kashmir

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Location: Northern Most Part Of India
Three Main Regions: Jammu, Kashmir & Ladakh
Languages Spoken: Dogri, Kashmiri, Hindi & Ladakhi
Best Time To Visit: Jammu - October To February

Jammu Kashmir handicrafts, Carpet Weaving, One of Kashmir's most Proclaimed Arts The heritage of creativity and art needs no Introduction when it comes to Jammu and Kashmir. Kashmir's famous handcrafted specialties include silk and wool carpets, papier-mâché products, Pashminas and embroidered shawls, and a variety of stones and walnut wood product. Mostly famous as a dry fruit market, Jammu is also worth checking out for silver and golden jewellery of traditional Dogri design, elaborate Kashmiri items or designs worn by the nomadic 'Bakarwals'. The major craft in the Ladakh region is Tibetan Carpets, which are reasonably priced and are very durable compared to Kashmiri or Persian carpets. One can also look for Chang and tea-vessels, silver cups and butter churns or the mussel shells, which serve as ornaments.


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