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Region: Jammu, J&K
Famous Festivals: Lohri & Baisakhi

LOHRI (January 13, Every Year)

This festival heralds the onset of spring. The whole of Jammu region wears a festive look on this day. Thousands take a dip in the holy rivers. 'Havan Yagnas' light up nearly every house and temple in Jammu. In the rural areas, custom requires boys to go around asking for gifts from newly weds and new parents.

Chajja Dance Of Lohri

A special dance called the 'Chajja' dance is held on the occasion of Lohri. It makes a striking picture to see boys along with their 'Chajjas' elaborately decorated with coloured paper and flowers move on the street in a dancing procession. The whole atmosphere comes alive with the pulsating drumbeats.

BAISAKHI (April 13, Every Year)

The name Baisakhi is taken from the first month of the Vikram calendar. Every year, on the first day of "Vaishakh", the people of Jammu like the rest of northern India- celebrate Baisakhi. Baisakhi is also known as the harvest festival and is considered auspicious especially for marriages. Rivers, canals and ponds are thronged by devotees who unfailingly take a ritual dip every year. Many people go to the Nagbani temple to witness a grand New Year celebration.

New Year Festivities

Numerous fairs are organised and people come in thousands to celebrate the beginning of the New Year and watch the famous Bhangra dance of Punjab. For the Sikhs of Jammu, Baisakhi is the day their tenth Guru Gobind Singhji, who formed the Khalsa sect in 1699. The Gurdwaras are full of people who come to listen to Kirtans, offer prayers and feast on the Prasad from the common kitchen.

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