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Location: Matho Monastery, Ladakh Region, J&K
Festive Month: February-March

The Festival Of The Blindfolded Acrobatic Oracle Monks
On the 15th day of the 1st Tibetan month, a 2-day festival is held at the Matho Monastery- the only Saskyapa monastic establishment in Ladakh . During this festival, the two oracles of the monastery make a public appearance in their full spiritual form. These oracles, actually monks of the monastery, meditate in complete isolation fro a full month in preparation of entering in a state of trance and invoking the spirit of the deities.

On the day of the festival, they invoke and receive the deities and come into their full spiritual trance. They run over the high rise ramparts of the monastery, jump from one balcony of another and execute a number of acrobatic feats, all while blindfolded! People from far and wide come to hear the oracles predict key future events and to seek answers about their own future.

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