Forts & Palaces Of Jammu & Kashmir

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Location: Northern Most Part Of India
Three Main Regions: Jammu, Kashmir & Ladakh
Languages Spoken: Dogri, Kashmiri, Hindi & Ladakhi
Best Time To Visit: Jammu - October To February

Bahu Fort in Jammu Considered as a historical monument of Srinagar , Hari Parbat Fort was constructed by the Afghan Governer, Atta Mohammad Khan, on the top of the Hari Parbat or Koh-e-Maraan hill. The architecture of this fort has a very close similarity to that of the forts in Central Asia. On the opposite bank of the Tawi river, at an upland plateau, is situated the majestic Bahu Fort. Looking at the fort, one can imagine the wars fought, invasions prevented and even the grandeur the royal family must have enjoyed once upon a time. Amar Singh Palace is a sight to behold. This grand palace in Jammu reminds one of a dreamy French castle, with sloping roofs and tall towers. Another palace worth checking out is the Leh Palace in Ladakh , which very much resembles the famed Potala of Lhasa.


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