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Location : Jammu, J&K
Houses: Dogra Art Gallery
Architectural Style: A Blend Of Rajasthani, Mughal & Baroque European Style.
Historical Significance: Once Was The Royal Residence Of Dogra Kings.

The oldest building in this Palace complex date to 1824. The architecture is blend of Rajasthani, Mughal and even Baroque European influences. The most stunning segment is the Sheesh Mahal. The Pink Hall now houses of Dogra Art Museum which has miniature paintings of the various Hill Schools.

A Dogra Heritage
The Complex has a history, which is 150 years old. It was royal residence of Dogra Kings. The location was carefully selected for having a commanding view of river Tawi on one side and the city on other side. The palaces are built as a group of buildings around a courtyard.

The complex has halls and Galleries, which were once used for official functions and ceremonies. As the time passed the need was felt to have separate buildings to house full-fledged Royal Secretariat. These buildings were constructed around a garden cum courtyard, which ultimately became the venue for important events for Royal audience for common man.

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