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Location: Jammu, J&K
Famous Adventure Activities: Trekking, Skiing, Aero Sports


A range of trekking options is available in the Jammu area. Summer is the best trekking season over here when all the routes are open, but few trekking routes are open in winter. There are excellent camping sites in the wilderness where one can camp when one is trekking for 2-3 days. The Sudarani-Jungal Gali-Jasar Kote-Sanasar route in the Jungal Gali area lets one choose from any of the three exciting treks.

Facilities Available
The tourism department has trekking equipment hire shops at Jammu, Kud and Rajouri. These shops stock local and imported trekking gear. Trekking parties and trekkers can hire the equipment at fixed rates.

Equipment and gear available are: Tents (Indian and imported); 4 man tent (Indian); 2 man tent (Imported); sleeping bags; carry mat; jackets; windcheaters; Rucksack; trekking boots. The equipment is issued against a cash security deposit equivalent to the cost or on a guarantee letter from any officer of the rank of deputy director tourism/ Deputy secretary of state government or central government. If one is a foreign tourist, one's passport will be held as security deposit against equipment taken on hire.

Some travel agencies in the city can also organise trekking on different routes in Jammu.


Skiing in JammuAt Patnitop, ski courses are conducted in the months of January and February. During the winter months, there are introductory courses also organised for the tourists. The gently graded ski slopes of Patnitop are ideal for beginners. Madha top has excellent possibilities for all levels of skiing. After the newly planned ski-lift becomes operational, Madha top will offer a range of skiing options for both professional skiers and beginners.

Facilities Available
For tourists taking the J&K TDC package tour, 40 sets of ski equipment are available at Patnitop and Sanasar. Also available are wooden sledges locally. For beginners and for people who want to brush up their skills, the J&K Tourism Department ski instructors are there to help one out.

Accommodation for skiers is available in huts of J&K TDC at Patnitop, Kud and Sanasar. There are also several private hotels at Patnitop and Kud. Restaurants and 'Dhabas' serve tourists round the year.


J&K Tourism has introduced Paragliding at Sanasar and Jammu. Equipment can be hired from the tourist office in Jammu city. May, June and September, October are suitable months for paragliding at Sanasar, situated 19-km from Patnitop with a good approachable road and transport links. One can reach Sanasar from Jammu via Kud and Patnitop by bus or taxi.

Accommodation is available in J&K TDC huts for aero sport enthusiasts. Shortly, other aero sports like parasailing and hot air ballooning will also become operational in the area.

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