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Location: Srinagar, Kashmir Region, J&K
Also Known As: Shah-E-Hamdan
Originally Built by: Sultan Sikandar
Reconstructed By: Sultan Hassan Shah In 1493 & In 1731 By Abul Barkat Khan

The shrine of Shah-e-Hamdan or Khanqah-e Moulla is one of the oldest Muslim shrines in Kashmir situated on the banks of river Jehlum in the old city. The shrine was originally constructed by Sultan Sikander (1389-1413 AD) in the memory of Muslim preacher Mir Syed Ali Hamdani who had visited Kashmir and stayed there for meditation and preaching.

Construction & Reconstruction Of The Shrine
In 1480 the shrine was gutted in a devastating fire and the then ruler Sultan Hassan Shah reconstructed the shrine on old edifice at a larger area. The shrine was later demolished and reconstructed in two-storyed form in 1493 AD. In 1731 AD the shrine again was destroyed in fire and was reconstructed by Abul Barkat Khan.

The shrine is revered by people who throng it observe the death anniversary of Mir Syed Ali Hamdani falling on 6th of 'Zilhaj' the last month of Muslim calendar.


Srinagar can be reached via air and road from Jammu through National highway NH1A. Taxis and Auto rickshaws can be hired almost from anywhere in the Srinagar city and adjoining areas.

Road: Regular transport in form of matadors is available from city centre i.e. Amira Kadal in the Srinagar City.

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