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Location: 30-km From Rajouri District, Jammu Region, J&K
Dedicated To: Baba Ghulam Shah

The shrine of Baba Ghulam Shah is situated in the lap of mountains. Commonly known, as Shahdara Sharief, this shrine is a popular tourist spot in Rajouri district.

There was a Pir named Ghulam Shah who was born in Syed Family at village Saidian Rawalpindi (now in Pakistan). Ghulam Shah made Shadara his abode for the rest of his life. Over a period of time, this shrine has grown into symbol of communal harmony as Hindus, Muslims and Sikhs visit this place in large numbers, offer prayers and seek blessings of the Pir.


Road: The shrine is 30-km from the Rajouri district. Buses, Cars and Jeeps carrying pilgrims ply on this road regularly. The Rajouri district is approx.158-km from Jammu district.

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