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Famous Musical Performances: Rouf, Hafiz Nagma, Song Of Habba Khatoon, Jagarna, Surma, Bakhan, Geetru

Just like the varied natural wonders of the state of Jammu and Kashmir, there is varsity in the musical melodies of the state too. If Jammu has got a lot of Dogri influence on it then Kashmiri songs sound sour without dancing steps in it. And Ladakh is a place of musical extravaganzas in almost every festive celebration that takes place in the region.


This dance is almost steeped in antiquity. Rouf is always performed in the accompaniment of pleasant pathetic song. It is performed on all festive occasions and particularly on the evenings of Ramzan and ID days. Group of women face each other and perform simple footwork which has a sensuous charm about it.


Hafiz Nagma is based on the classical music of Kashmir- the Sofiyiana Kalam. The Sufiyana Kalam has its own ragas known as "Muquam". The prominent instrument used in Hafiz Nagma is called "Santoor" - a hundred stringed instrument played with sticks. The Danseuse in this tradition is known as 'Hafiza'.


Habba Khatoon was the renowned princess of Kashmir. Her feelings during her separation form the Yousuf King are depicted in this song. The song is based on the folk renderings of Kashmiri Music.


This marriage song cum-dance form has the elements of theatre. While the menfolk of the bridegroom's house have gone with the Barat, womenfolk are left alone in the house. The bridegroom's mother, aunts, grandmother and other relations indulge in gossips revelations of their marital life and the behaviour of their husbands. But sometimes, in right earnest, they reveal some intimate incidents and spend the night in the atmosphere which is un-interrupted by menfolk in its flow of unending gossip and the movement of frolicking feet.


This song in Dogri, set to dance reveals the anguish of a newly married girl whose husband is away in the Army. The ever increasing yearning of re-union is depicted through this song-dance.


This folk song is a widely prevalent form of mass entertainment in our region. The haunting melodies of 'Pahari' songs add to the beauty and joy of daily life. There are certain songs, which are independent of instruments. "Bakhan" is such a best example. "Bakhan" are in verse. The metre is irregular and is determined by modulation in tone. The movements of hand indicate the variations in the note. This is the only form of lyric in Dogri, which resembles the Western harmony of sounds without loosing its individual note and rhythm.


A dance-song of Dogra Pahari region of Jammu being performed at the occasion of feasts, festivals and marriages by the rural folk parties of this region. Male and female both participate in this dance-song in their traditional costumes. This type of dance-song is performed at any time of the day as well as night.

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