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Location : Ladakh, Jammu & Kashmir
Altitude : 2,500 Ft.
Historical Significance: One Of The Highest Trade Routes In The World For Yarkand In Central Asia.

The Tulimpati La is located in Ladakh region of Jammu and Kahsmir. This pass opens up the route from the Nubra Valley of Ladakh towards the Karakoram Pass. In the ancient times it used to be one of the highest trade routes in the world for Yarkand in Central Asia.

Passage Through The Great Himalayan Region
After crossing the Nubra Valley, the route leads up the steep eastern mountain wall. This route passes through a grand Himalayan region through giant precipices, deep gorges, glaciers and moraines, desert river valleys -- a route filled with majestic beauty.

On this barren mountainside, as in many other similar places in Ladakh, there is not a drop of water, nor a sign of moisture or vegetation. The desert monotony is relieved by the luxuriant wild rose bushes, laden with blossoms of every shade of pink and deep crimson colors. The lonesome surroundings enhance the brilliant colors.

The Tulumpati Chi rivulet forms a very narrow gorge. So a track has been made over the Tulumpati La on a sheer smooth rocky cliff, and stonewalls have been precariously balanced to form the track for goat, sheep and horses. A steep trek of 2-km gains 2,500 ft of altitude and suddenly one has reached the pass, which presents a glorious view.

To the west, there is a mighty mountain range, which protects the valleys from the northern winds and spreads from the Shyok Valley to the Nubra Valley. There are rocky mountain peaks with slopes so steep that snow cannot lodge on them, while others with gentler slopes are covered with snow. Below stretches the Nubra Valley, a barren desert except for oases of greenery scattered all over the valley which seems to relieve the dreariness of the sandy, flat river bed.

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