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Location : 72-km East Of Jammu-Srinagar Road, Jammu Region, J&K
Main Attractions: Five Partially Ruined Temples
Presiding Deity: Lord Shiva

Blessed With Intricate Embellishments
Babor site is noted for its five partially ruined temples with carved figures of the Hindu gods. They are marked by exquisitely sculptured statues and statuettes, elaborate and minute carvings, huge fluted pillars with lion or elephant heads or ornamented capitals, gigantic decorated roof slabs and beams, all fixed without any binding material.

The statues include a particularly fine one of the Goddess Ganga. The various temples at Babor include the richly and tastefully decorated temple of Devi with its numerous miniature medallions, depicting attractively carved Gods and Goddesses and celestial dancers and musicians.

Decors Of Shiva Temple
The Shiva temple has sculptured panels of geese, bulls and floral carvings, a frieze with two armed cavaliers drawing their bows and another of the God Narasimha. Another frieze shows Krishna playing the flute with two attendants waving palm frond fans and Lord Vishnu reclining.

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