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Location : 5-km From Jammu City, Jammu Region, J&K
Originally Constructed BY: Raja Bahulochan
Present Fort Was Constructed By: Dogra Rulers
Houses: Bave Wali Mata Temple

Situated on a rock face on the left bank of the river Tawi, this is perhaps the oldest fort and edifice in the city of Jammu. Constructed originally by Raja Bahulochan over 3,000 years ago, the existing Fort was more recently improved and built by Dogra rulers.

Bagh-E-Bahu , Garden below the Bahu Fort - Jammu and KashmirBave Wali Mata Temple
There is a temple dedicated to Goddess Kali inside the fort popularly known as Bave Wali Mata. The fort overlooks river placidly down the Jammu city. Every Tuesday and Sunday pilgrims throng this temple and jostle for Tawi flowing worship. Bave Wali Mata is the presiding deity of Jammu.

One can really imagine, on looking at the fort; the wars fought, the invasions prevented and even the grandeur of the Royal families. Today the fort is surrounded with beautiful terraced gardens, which is a favourite picnic spot of the city folk. It has waterfalls, flowers and big trees.

Maha Maya Temple And City Forest
On the by-pass road behind Bahu Fort, the city forest surrounds the ancient Maha Maya Temple overlooking the river Tawi. A small garden surrounded by acres of woods provides best view of the city.


Road: This place is connected with all the spots of the Jammu city. Regular transport is available from all the connecting points. Minibuses and Auto rickshaws can take one right upto the fort on payment of nominal fare.

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