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Location : 120-km Northeast Off The Srinagar Road At Kud, Jammu Region, J&K
Famous As: A Pilgrimage Centre
Presiding Deity: Lord Shiva
Major Attraction: The Asad Purnima Festival

Sudh Mahadev is well known for its archaeological importance, as a great pilgrimage centre and as a charming natural site. It stands on the banks of the holy Dewak River, held by some to be as sacred as the Ganges. The Dewak here hurtles down from the higher mountains and rushes out of dense jungle, cascading over rocks and boulders.

The Asad Purnima Festival
The Shiva temple here attracts many pilgrims during the festival, which takes place in mid June each year. The Asad Purnima festival features three days of music, singing and dancing. The main shrine has a black marble carved figure of Lord Shiva and Goddess Parvati and there is also an interesting inscribed iron trident known as the "Shiva Trishul"; it is believed to have been used by a Mahadeva to kill a demon.

Man Talai
Man Talai, 5-km from Sudh Mahadev is of archaeological interest due to the red earthenware and terra cotta figures discovered here.

Gauri Kund
Gauri Kund, also 5-km distant, is a small cave associated with Goddess Parvati. Sculptures from Hindu Mythology can be seen at the Pap Nashni Bauli springs. Shiv Garh is the highest mountains in the area.


Road: Sudh Mahadev is only 8-km, by a picturesque walk or jeep track, from Patnitop and kud. There is also a regular daily bus service to Sudh Mahadev from Jammu.

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