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Location : Karnataka
Main Religion in Karnataka : Hinduism
Other Religions : Islam, Christianity, Jewism and Buddhism

Over the decades, Karnataka has grown into a cosmopolitan city with many religions co-existing in a harmonious manner. One finds in Mysore people practicing different religions and faiths. These sections of people have lived harmoniously. They have also contributed to the development of the city in different spheres.

It is not strange to see one community visiting the other community during their festivities or celebrations and exchange greetings and vice versa. In fact, the Mysore rulers have taken care of these different sections of people, by providing them places for construction of their religious centres and worship.

On account of their generosity and catholic outlook, Mysore can boast of one of the tallest and magnificent churches (St. Philomena's Church) and the biggest Jumma Masjid on the Irwin Road. Majority of the state's population is Hindu. They follow the philosophy propounded by different saints.

They have set up a number of religious places for the purpose. Some important saints are Shankaracharya, Ramanujacharya, Madhyacharya and Basavanna. Their philosophies go by the names of Adwaitha, Vishishtadwaitha, Dwaitha and Shakti Vishistadwaitha.

The most-worshipped gods are Brahma, Vishnu and Maheswara, the trinities, and their consorts. Hinduism is one religion where many gods and goddesses are worshipped. Hence, there are several temples, old and new, dedicated to these gods and goddesses.

These deities in the form of idols, images and pictures are worshipped in their homes also. The next prominent community are Muslims. They have also served the city in various capacities. They were employed in the military and other services of the Mysore kings. Hyder Ali Khan and Tipu Sultan are two famous rulers of Mysore.

The latter became popular as the "Tiger of Mysore" because of his heroism. One of their community luminaries, Mirza Ismail, rose to the position of Dewan or the Prime Minister of the then State of Mysore.

Muslims have a number of religious and educational places dotted on the map of Mysore. They congregate at Eidgah Maidan on occasions like Bakrid and Eid and offer prayers and exchange greetings.

Jains constitute another major community. Their contribution is significant in business and trade. Jains, who believe in Mahavira's teachings of non-violence, have built their basties (temples) and other centres. They celebrate the Mahavira Jayanthi on a grand scale.

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