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Location : Mysore, Karnataka.
Known as : Sri Chamarajendra Zoological Gardens.
Set Up In : 1892 AD.
Open : All Days Except Tuesdays

Tiger in mysore ZooMysore Zoo or Sri Chamarajendra Zoological Gardens as it is popularly known as was established in the year 1892 in Mysore, by the then Maharaja Chamaraja Wodeyar. Initially known as 'Khasa Bangle' or 'private bungalow', the zoo, one of the biggest of its kind in the country housed different species of birds in about 10 acres. Later, the then British Officer, Karumbeigal shifted the Zoo to Mysore to the premises of Mysore Zoo.

The Zoohas been further extended to cover the adjacent Karanji Lake. The lake attracts several species of birds and the Zoo has plans to develop the lake into a bird sanctuary. Among the primary activities of the zoo besides breeding rare animals, is to barter animals, and bringing in new animals.

The Flourishing Flora
The zoo houses some rare animals bred in captivity, and exotic species of plants. The Zoological Gardens has various species of ornamental plants and trees from India and abroad. About 85 species of trees and 35 species of ornamental plants are present, which beautifies the landscape of the Zoo and provides the best environment to the captive wild animals.

The Exotic Fauna
The Zoo has to its credit breeding of rare animals and largest mammals in captivity. This unique feature is said to be present only in a few of the reputed zoological gardens in southeast Asia, Mysore being one among them. About two million visitors, from within the country and abroad, visit the famous Mysore Zoo every year. The Mysore Zoo has a record of housing variety of species not only of this country but also from more than 40 countries in the world.

The Zoo has recorded the birth of important species like tigers, Barberry sheep, Royal Bengal tigers, white tigers, elephants, giraffe, fallow deer, Himalayan black bear, Guar (Indian bison) and white peafowl. The Mysore Zoo is the fourth in the world to hand-rare two giraffe calves successfully and a record first experience among the Indian zoological gardens.

Managed by the Zoo Authority of Karnataka, the Zoo has a good health care management and a well-equipped hospital with darting equipment to chemically restrain wild animals and to provide medical aid. It has experienced doctors from the animal husbandry, to take regular care of the health of the animals.

Timings: All days except Tuesdays from 8:00 a.m to 5:00 p.m.

Entrance Fee:
Adults: Rs.10, Children: Rs.5.

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