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Location : Mysore District, Karnataka
Main species : Flying fox, Egrets, Whistling Teal
Best Season : June to October

Ranganthittu Wildlife Sanctuary, KarnatakaWhen you take a holiday to Ranganthittu, you're treated to some glorious sights. Yes, the Sanctuary here is a paradise for wildlife enthusiasts. Just glance around and you'll find a host of surprises.

Crocodiles basking under the sun, otters running free, flocks of birds gathered on tiny islands, all these make Ranganthittu a visual delight. And the excitement continues. Wherever you turn, you'll find exotic birds.

Birds that come all the way from Siberia, Australia and even North America. So when you're on the cane boats just be ready for a 'fluttering' surprise.

It may be the open-bill stork, the white ibis, egret, heron, partridge or even the cormorant trying to say hello!

Main Fauna
The sanctuary abounds in various species of avi fauna. The Flying Fox, Otter, Python, Tortoise, Crocodile, Cormorant, Darter, Egrets, Heron, Ibis, Kingfisher, Plover, Parakeet, Spoonbill, Whistling Teal and Peregrine are some of the main species of birds that the sanctuary boasts of.

Bangalore is the nearest airport.

Bangalore is nearest rail junction.

Bangalore is 125 kms, Maddur is 78 kms and Mandya is 98 kms away.

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