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Location: 52 Kms From Kochi, Kerala
Dedicated To: St. Thomas
Altitude: 609 m Above Sea Level
Unique Feature: The Imprint of Feet of St.Thomas on a rock

Malayatoor Church, Kochi, KeralaLocated 52 kms from Kochi, the Malayatoor Church is situated atop the 609 m high Malayatoor Hill. The church is dedicated to St. Thomas, who is believed to have prayed at this shrine.

One of the most important Christian pilgrim centres in Kerala, this holy shrine attracts devotees in very large numbers not only from Kerala but also from the neighbouring states.

This famous church is situated at Kurisumudi, a verdant hill in the Western Ghats girdled partially by the river Periyar. The Church has a life-size statue of St. Thomas and the imprint of the feet of the Apostle on a rock. LEGEND
According to a local belief St. Thomas is regarded as having established about seven and a half churches in Kerala, half denoting a smaller church. These seven churches were established at Kodungallur, Palayur, Paravur, Kokomangalam, Niranam, Chayal, and Kollam.

The Malayattoor Church and the Tiruvamcode Church in the Kanyakumari district of Tamilnadu are considered to be the half church.

But some believe that the Malayattoor Church is one of the major churches built by St. Thomas and they argue that the churches at Kokomanagalam and Paravur must be regarded as half ones.

At Malayatoor, the first Sunday after Easter is considered to be a very important day. Pilgrims, chanting the name of the Apostle ('Ponninkurisumala Muthappa'), climb Kurisumudi, the steep hill to visit the holy shrine.

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