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Location: Kerala
Clothing For Men: Mundu - A White Piece of Cloth with Golden Jerried Border
Clothing For Women: Saree and Blouse

Women in their Traditional Attire, Celebrating Onam, KeralaThe main dress worn by the people of Kerala is mainly traditional in nature though the costumes are to a large extent guided by the geographical conditions of the region.

The traditional dress forms are the 'Mundu and Neriathu' (a white piece of cloth with golden zari border symbolising royalty) for men; and 'sari' (a 5-6 metres long piece of cloth embroidered with golden border) with jacket for women.

With the changing trends in fashion and designing, the dress codes have changed. A multitude of colours and designs are available today.

Men and women today are clad in a variety of dresses.

The people have now taken to the northern style of dressing up though the western dresses have also found a lot of acceptance among the masses.

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