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Celebrated In:Kerala
Centre of Activity: Kovalam Beach Resort
Held In: January
Main attractions: Performances Of Classical Art Forms

Patayani - A Ritual Dance Form. The Kerala Village Fair exhibits all the major traditional and Indegenous art forms in Kerala for the Entertainment of the TouristsGramam, the exotic village fair represents the nostalgic recreation of bygone era of rustic simplicity and ethnic charm.

Held in January, on the golden sands of the famous Kovalam Beach Resort, just 16 kms from Thiruvananthapuram city, it is a typical Kerala village of yore, replete with the traditional Nalukettu. Astrologers, artisans and even sorcerers, provide the visitor a glimpse of Kerala's rich past. Classical art forms of Kerala are presented in evenings.
Nalukettu: The Unique Architecture Recreated
Nalukettu, the traditional upper class homestead ('tharavadu') The quadrangular mansion recreated using wood and tiles with a central open courtyard, corridors, massive pillars and dormer windows is typical of Kerala's Architectural Style.

Inside the Nalukettu are displayed a wealth of antiques. Priceless furniture in Teak, Mahogany and Sandalwood, charming curios like Jewellery Boxes, Spice Bowls, Ethnic Jewellery, Exquisite Paintings and Shields and Swords Wielded by men of yore are on show. Musical Instruments, Palmyra Fans, majestic Wooden Four Poster Beds, household utensils remind one of a bygone era.

Decorated with a colourful 'Pookalam', the floral decoration in the courtyard, the Nalukettu looks enchanting with village belles in the traditional Kerala attire, dancing the 'Thiruvathira' around the tall brass lamp.

Savour The Local Cuisine At The Chayakada
At the 'Chayakada', the village tea shop, relish the taste of the tender coconut, the refreshing tea (chaya) or the tangy lime juice.

Sitting on the comfortable wooden chairs and stools, one can savour local delicacies like 'Kappa' and 'Meen' (steamed tapioca served with fish curry) or 'Puttu' and 'Kadala' (pounded rice cake steamed in bamboo shoots served with a lentil dish).

Kamalagramam For Perfect Souvenirs
At Kamalagramam, the artisans' enclave, are stalls selling handcrafted artifacts. Here one can watch craftsmen at work on traditional spinning wheels, handlooms etc.

One can pick up anything from gold and silver ornaments to coir, conch and coconut shell articles, metal mirrors, Kerala sarees, Woven cloth etc., or have them made to order.

Mesmerising Art forms
The fair wears a new look in the evenings. Almost every dance, art and martial art form of Kerala is performed in the open-air auditorium of Gramam.

Various classical dances like Kathakali, Mohiniyattom, traditional and folk dances like Oppana, the martial art form, Kalaripayattu and other ritualistic folk arts like Theyyam, Pulikali, Villupattu, Pavakkoothu, Kakkarisi Natakam, Panchavadyam, Thullal and Bhajans etc. are a few of the attractions.

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