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Location: 13 Kms From Adoor, Kerala
Famous For: The Memorial Of Veluthampi Dalawa
Nearby Attraction: Ancient Bhagawathy Temple
Main Languages: Malayalam, Hindi, English

Veluthampi Memorial , Mannadi, Kollam, Kerala Mannadi is located 13 kms from Adoor and 45 kms from Kollam. Veluthampi Dalawa, a diwan of the erstwhile state of Travancore, met his tragic death here. It is the place where this great freedom fighter is said the have spent his last days.

After leading a brief rebellion against the British, he is said to have ended his life rather than face humiliation at the hands of his opponents. There is a monument erected here as a memorial to his valour.

The ancient Bhagwathy Temple here has some exquisite stone sculptures. The annual festival is held here in February or March. The Kerala institute of folklore and folk arts functions from here.

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