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Location: 30 Kms From Kochi
Major Attraction: Kodikuthu Festival
Built Over: The Mortal Remains Of Sheikh Parid
Main Festival: Kodikuthu Festival

Kanjiramattom Mosque, Kochi, KeralaThe mosque is situated at Kanjiramattom, 30 km from Kochi. It is believed that the mosque was erected over the mortal remains of a Muslim saint, Sheikh Parid. Another great Muslim saint, Baver is supposed to have prayed here and attained salvation.

The Kodikuthu festival, which falls in December-January, is a major attraction for thousands of devotees. A huge procession is held in the night, when the pilgrims carrying pots of sandalwood paste proceed to the mosque as part of a ritual called as ' Chandanakkudam'.

Six caparisoned elephants and folk performances are the main attractions of the procession. Traditional Muslim art forms like 'Oppana' and 'Mappilappattu' are also staged during the festival.

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