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Location: Kerala
Popular Witch Craft: Manthravadam
Main Activity: Chanting of Mandras, Kalamezuthu and Offering Flowers

Manthravadam, A Native Voodoo - The Ritual Involves the Chanting of Mantras, Drawing of Kalams and Offering of Flowers and in some cases even Offering of Human Blood, Kerala'Manthravadam' or performing rites for propitiating supernatural forces (a type of native 'voodoo') is popular in Kerala. This comprises general 'poojas' performed for house warming, before embarking on any new venture, tiding over evil astrological influences, or for overcoming diseases.

The rites involve chanting mantras (magical prayers), preparation of a diagram usually using coloured powder, offering flowers, throwing offerings into the sacred fire and so on. Exorcism is also practised as a healing technique. Even Ayurveda accepts the possibility of a human being possessed by evil spirits.

At an exorcism ceremony, the patient usually starts shivering and dancing ('Tullal'). 'Manthravadam' is used to influence or entice somebody ('vashyam') and in its malignant form is practised as 'black magic'.

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