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Location: 34 Kms North Of Kollam Town, Kerala
Unique Feature: No Idol
Dedicated To: 'Parabrahman'
Main Event: Panthranduvilakku, The Twelve-Day Festival Of Lights

Oachirakkali, Oachira, Kollam, KeralaOachira is unique place of worship with neither a structure to house an idol nor an idol around which temples are usually built.

The presiding deity at this sanctum-sanctorum is the abstract principle of the 'Parabrahmam' or the 'Divine Omnipresence' or 'Universal Conciousness'.

The main events at the temple, 'Oachirakkali' festival falls in mid-June, while the 'Panthranduvilakku' or the twelve-day festival of lights gets underway in November/ December.

'Ochirakkali' is a mock fight enacted between groups of men dressed as warriors in the 'padanilam' (fighting arena).

They perform a martial dance standing in knee-deep water, brandishing swords and shields, and splashing water every direction.

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